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Sermons by Rev Nick Patselis

Markers and Signposts

Markers and signposts point us to where we are supposed to be. In Luke 2:22-28, we read about the faithfulness of Simeon and Anna, waiting to meet the Messiah. God is calling us to change the markers in our own lives, and inviting us to place markers for others.

Sign of the Times

In Luke 12:49-59, Jesus prepares his followers for the possibility of division. Jesus wants us to read the signs of the times; to pay attention to what matters most, and react accordingly. We should live each day as if it was our first day, because God does something new every day. If today was your…


In this series, we have been asked to reflect on who we want to become and the one habit we need to start in order to fulfil this and, in the third part of the series, the one habit we need to break.

Christmas Treasure

In Luke 2, we read about the birth of Jesus: the angels and shepherds praising God, and Mary treasures the events and ponders them in her heart. What do you treasure in your heart, and what can you praise God for?

Genealogy of Jesus

This Advent series looks at different ways of entering the Christmas story. Luke 3:23-38 provides the genealogy of Jesus; He is the Son of God. Our faith is rooted deeply in an historic person who came to our world, revealed to us through Scripture. Jesus is the real deal. We are all welcome in Jesus’ family…

God Provides

In Luke 9:10-17, Jesus and His disciples withdrew by themselves to Bethsaida, but the crowds followed them. At Jesus’ instruction, the disciples fed the large hungry crowd with five loaves of bread and two fish. When we retreat with God and follow His voice, a miracle can occur.