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Angles of Christmas


Have you ever identified with a character in a book, movie or TV show? What about the Christmas story? In Matthew 2:1-12, we read about the magi’s part in the Christmas story. The magi were called and drawn by God, committed to their quest, their number one goal being to worship Jesus as King. Can…

Christmas Treasure

In Luke 2, we read about the birth of Jesus: the angels and shepherds praising God, and Mary treasures the events and ponders them in her heart. What do you treasure in your heart, and what can you praise God for?

Genealogy of Jesus

This Advent series looks at different ways of entering the Christmas story. Luke 3:23-38 provides the genealogy of Jesus; He is the Son of God. Our faith is rooted deeply in an historic person who came to our world, revealed to us through Scripture. Jesus is the real deal. We are all welcome in Jesus’ family…